About US Housing

US HOUSING is a real estate investment and development company based in Miami whose core business activities are land banking, development, asset acquisition and asset management. Our model focuses on investments in real estate opportunities THAT GENERATE ATTRACTIVE profits WITH A MODERATE RISK PROFILE FOR OUR INVESTORS.

US Housing buys and sells real estate assets in the market segment with the highest demand and lowest supply: Single Single family homes in average price ranges within mid market price range that can be accessed by first time home buyers through financing offered by financial institutions.

As new opportunities arise in a very dynamic real estate industry, US Housing continuously positions itself to achieve the best results for its investors and clients who honor the entire organization with their trust.

We rely on the experience and recognition of Century 21 Capital Brokers, Real Estate Agency, a leading brand in the local market that specializes in structuring and managing real estate portfolios in South Florida for foreign clients. Founded in 2002, Century 21 Capital Brokers is part of one of the world’s networks with the largest presence and brand recognition in the residential real estate business.

Our strategy is not based on speculation but on the delivery of a product with a real price aligned with the income levels of the population. We have a team of professional associates specialized in the legal and tributary treatment of foreigners investing in the USA, which guarantees global advice.

Market Knowledge & Opportunities

An in-house team of 50 real estate professionals identifying daily buying opportunities (auction or direct sales) in the local residential market that meet the purchasing criteria defined by US Housing’s investment and risk committee according to established return levels. The differentiating element in the purchase is the ability to quickly identify and evaluate the assets, set the entry price and execute a quick purchase with the purchasing power of our FUNDS.

Competitive Financing Programs

Thru our partnership with Century 21 Capital Brokers we have access to more than 1,000 Agents that are permanently promoting the sale of assets in the local market. The sale of assets (Single-family homes) is leveraged with competitive financing programs up to 97.5% of the purchase value for the local buyer “First Time Buyer” and in addition the financial assistance programs granted by the local and Federal Government for the home purchase.

Competitive Financing Programs



June 1st 2017




$10M USD




$10M USD

2022 RETURNS 21